How To Use

Wall Ace Tools are so sturdy and convenient to use. The Wall Cups are designed to allow you to move the entire wall easily, lifting and positioning it into the correct location.  The slide show demonstrates how the Wall Cups can be utilized.

Take a look at the our short, but comprehensive VIDEO below for an explanation of how Wall Ace Tools are used most efficiently.

My employees ask for these tools if I don’t have them on the job. I now have them on all three of my crews. Once you get in the rhythm of integrating them in your build, it becomes a streamlined process.


Beechwood Builders


Wall Ace Tools make rough carpentry easier, safer, and more efficient.

 You won’t have to cut a hole in a wall or leave a soffit unfinished just to run a cable, chain, or a strap for hoisting and placing a wall panel.

You can avoid wasting time and money by having to go back just a patch a hole; and you can avoid the risk of damaging a soffit.

Step 1

Using the wall ace big bar, lift the top plates making sure that the bar position is over a joist to avoid damage to the floor when lifting. Slide the appropriate block under the wall. Use an upright two-by-four for the 2×4 wall cups and an upright two by six for the 2×6 wall cups.

Step 2

Place the bar under the cup where you want to apply it. The weight of the bar will lift the cup tight to the plates so that you can fill all the nail holes. Make sure that the bottom of the wall cup is tight against the top plates at all times. You can also perform this procedure without the pry bar if you prefer.

Step 3

Fill all the nail holes with three-inch 16 D nails. We recommend using double headed nails when attaching to avoid damage to the wall cup when pulling the nails out.

Step 4

Note that sheathing must be fastened to the wall where the cups are used to prevent the studs and top plates from tearing apart when lifting. Wall cups must always be spaced evenly on the top plates so that the wall panel is balanced and stays level. It must not flex while suspended.

Determine the wall cup placement by dividing the wall length into thirds.  Attach the cups evenly in the middle third.

Step 5

The chain length and wall cup spacing must be such that the sling forms an angle of no more than 90 degrees. Use the proper lifting apparatus and don’t exceed your equipment’s maximum weight limitation. You may need additional wall cups to perform a wall lift in a level position and to keep the wall from flexing.

Step 6

All lifts should be safe, slow and controlled. The closer you are to a straight or vertical lift; the safer the lift. When the wall panel is in place it must be braced making sure that it is stable and plumb.

Step 7

Now use your wall ace wall pullers; available in various sizes, to bring the wall into its proper position. Once the panel is set; braced securely, and nailed down you can remove the wall cups. Never try to loosen adjust or move a wall cup during use unless the panel is lying flat on the ground or when it is set embraced in place.

Safety First!

Wall Ace is all about safety, so here are some important guidelines to remember:

  • You must follow all applicable OSHA and other standards that may apply to your worksite.
  • Use at least two wall Cups for each wall lift.
  • Use this product only for lifting wood frame sheathed the walls with a three-inch nominal double top plat thickness.
  • Never position the cup side face down during use
  • Never alter or misuse this product