How We Got Started

Wall Ace Tools are designed and tested by the people that make their living using them everyday on the jobsite. 

We at Wall Ace Tools, put a lot of time and effort into making these tools easy to work with and effective as possible.

Our tools assist with the hard parts about building.

Our sole purpose is to;

  • Cut labor cost
  • Increase production
  • Allows you as a builder to staying ahead of the curve on trending rise in costs of material.

You will see when using the tools that they are made to last and will stand up to any expectation.


At Wall Ace Tools we never forget that safety comes first and foremost.

Please use your best judgment in addition to our safety instructions and guidelines

We really like the Wall Cups for craning and moving our wall panels around. We usually install the cups on the top plates before we sheath the wall, that way it’s ready to go as soon as you’re done building. We also use the 3′ bar quite a bit.


Patriot Builders

About Us

With a passion for quality construction, Kris Phillip brings over 20 years of framing experience to Wall Ace™, an innovative, family-owned company in Hartford, Wisconsin. Over the years, Kris learned from the best—mentored by a builder who has been in the business for over 45 years.

Kris is always seeking a better way to get things done. His inventive nature led him to develop Wall Ace Tools, a framing carpentry tool system designed to save money and time for framing carpenters.

The key component of the Wall Ace Tools System is the Wall Cup lifting bracket. Kris observed how cutting holes in walls or leaving soffits unfinished in order to run a cable, chain, or strap meant having to take time to go back and make repairs. He saw where he could save time and money for himself and for other professional framing carpenters. It made the job safer, too.

Kris obtained a patent for the Wall Cup lifting bracket in 2016 and made improvements to the other Wall Ace Tools components—the Wall Ace Big Bar pry bar and the Wall Ace Wall Pullers (peavey pullers)—creating long-lasting component products.